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“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” Frank Borman

How exciting to see travel and summer events back in full swing, sparking our curiosity, feeding our wanderlust, and boosting community pride and the economy.

Ties That Bind Through History

America’s National Churchill Museum

Discover Coastal Mississippi in Ocean Springs

When you hear the phrase ‘quaint, cottage coastal community,’ what images does that evoke? Beaches with fabulous ocean views? Stunning sunrises and sunsets? Great food and cocktails? Boutique shopping and small-town charm? On Coastal Mississippi in Ocean Springs, you’ll find it all.

Recently mentioned in Southern Living Magazine as a ‘town you’ve been missing,’ Ocean Springs has received numerous accolades. Coastal Mississippi’s Ocean Springs was also named the ‘Best Small-Town Shopping Destination’ by USA Today in March, 2023.

My Journey of Discovery Along the Mississippi Blues Trail

I’ve always considered myself an avid music fan. I loved Elvis, had a fondness for the Beatles, and enjoyed smooth jazz. I threw in a healthy dose of classic ‘70s and ‘80s rock for good measure. There are very few artists in the ensuing decades I could listen to as I felt they couldn’t live up to ‘my’ music. I believe there is a term to describe that: a music snob.

A few years ago, it was suggested I might be interested in delving into the Blues and writing a story about the Mississippi Blues Trail. I agreed since I considered myself ‘into’ music. That wouldn’t be so hard, right?

Listen to my interview with WCBI in promotion of my book:

100 Things to do in Coastal Mississippi Before You Die

Why Venture into Coastal Mississippi?

Many times, since I relocated to Coastal Mississippi, I have been asked this question. Most times, it is from a person that has not visited this area and judges it too quickly based on erroneous information from other disheartened souls. Or because of something they have seen or read which could quite possibly be severely biased and one-sided. I would like to take this opportunity to offer you some insight into the allure that is Coastal Mississippi.

As the author of the book “100 Things To Do In Coastal Mississippi Before You Die,” my research and information gathering presented me with a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore many aspects of my adopted home. From food and beverage, music and entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and history, to finally shopping and fashion. What I found was the realization this area is abundant with unique and interesting – for locals and tourists alike. Let me share just a few.

View my Interview with Big Blend Radio & TV

Interview with Ricky Mathews of Coast Vue


A Great Smoky Mountain Cabin Rental for a Family Getaway

Have you ever wondered how the Smoky Mountains got their name? I discovered the answer to this question while enjoying a family getaway to a Smoky Mountain cabin rental in this spectacularly picturesque region of Tennessee.

The native Cherokee called it Shaconage or “place of blue smoke.” It is nothing short of miraculous when you experience it for the first time, as I did on this family trip. The optics are caused by the natural phenomenon of trees, shrubs, and other native plants emitting natural hydrocarbons that interact with the air, creating the illusion of smoke.

The sight is sensational when waking in the morning or just after a soft rain.

Podcast with We Travel There

Ship Island, Crawfish Festival & Coastal Casinos in Gulfport, Mississippi

7 Must-Try Memphis Restaurants

When someone mentions the city of Memphis, the first thought is likely either Elvis, blues, or barbeque. All are correct, but there is so much more to Memphis. I would encourage you to explore not only the most well-known areas of the city but also some of its hidden gems.

I naturally had to visit Graceland on a recent visit and experience authentic Memphis BBQ. But I also enjoyed some of the city’s other treasures. I must say, I am looking forward to returning to delve more into this friendly, reemerging city.

Coastal Mississippi—A Treasure Trove of Natural Beauty Culture, and Fun

Coastal Mississippi sometimes lives in the shadow of her neighboring larger cities of New Orleans and Mobile. We are lovingly known as The Secret Coast. More and more people are discovering our mystique, and I’d like to give you a few reasons why.

5 Best Things To Do In Columbia MO This Weekend

Nestled in mid-Missouri, the Columbia area is flourishing with activity and a young vibe. There is so much to see and do – they have something for everyone. However, just because you don’t happen to be a college student or young professional doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy coming to the area.

I enjoyed so many new and exciting things on a recent trip, and it was hard to choose! Below is my list of highly recommended activities when you decide to visit. They refer to themselves as the “cool neighborhood in the big city,” and in my opinion, you will agree. The community is warm, friendly, and exciting and offers a great deal.